Meet LeslieJack and Leslie, World's Toughest Cowboy 2010
Leslie and Jack Rod Wilson win the 2009 NBHA Colonial Nationals 2D Second Go

Leslie has been involved with horses for over 25 years with experience in a wide variety of disciplines. She rode jumpers and dressage through her teenage years into her twenties living in the heart of "english seat" country in Massachusetts. Along the way she has worked at several top hunter and jumper barns as well as being the caretaker for the Irish Mist Polo Team's ponies for two years. A move to New Hampshire in 1993 introduced her to the world of Belgian Draft Pulling horses in which she successfully helped campaign several teams to many wins over the next 9 years. In 1998 she started entering gymkhanas and in 2000 she decided to focus exclusively on barrels, realizing that she had found her calling. She saw an ad on the internet for a horse in KY with a "big motor" and decided she would check him out while she was there dropping off some Belgians. Well the horse was "Bo" and he was a bargain basement deal that she just knew was the kind of horse who could win the world. She brought him home, worked him over the winter and the rest is history. She won her first NBHA run she ever went to the first time she ran him and knew that training barrel horses was what she wanted to do. Knowing the enormous demands we put on our equine athletes' bodies, she became a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist to maximize her own horses' performance as well as the performance of others.

    • Seven Branch Arena 1D High Point Champion second buckle series
    • Seven Branch Arena 1D High Point Champion first buckle series


    • NBHA World Show Qualifier(2X)


    • ~EZ Run PBRA Open Finals Winner on Honor The Jaquar Jet
    • ~NBHA World Show Finalist--2D with Jack Rod Wilson
    • ~NBHA Colonial Nationals 2D 10th place money earner and finals qualifier on Mr Can Chaser
    • ~Ran 1D at NBHA Colonial Nationals on Jack Rod Wilson, 2D on Tuffern Ciclone and 3D money earner and finals qualifier on 2 horses
    • ~NBHA Syracuse Spectacular 2nd Go--8th in the 1D on Tuffern Ciclone, 9th in the 2D on Mr Can Chaser
    • ~NBHA Syracuse Spectacular 3rd Go--9th in the 2D on Jack Rod Wilson
    • ~Triple Creek Winter Series 1D Open Average Winner with Jack Rod Wilson as well as 1D Winner of the second show
    • ~DC Western PBRA 1D Open Winner, April 30th show with Tuffern Ciclone
    • ~EZ Run PBRA Open 1D Winner, May 5th show with Honor The Jaquar Jet


    • ~NBHA NC04 District Open 2D High Point--5th
    • ~NBHA NC04 District Open 3D High Point--Champion
    • ~NBHA World Show Qualifier(2X)


    • ~NBHA Colonial Nationals Winner of the 2D Second Go-round and Finals money earner
    • ~NBHA NC04 District Open 1D High Point--5th
    • ~NBHA NC04 District Open 2D High Point--5th
    • ~NBHA World Show Qualifier(2X)


    • ~EZ Run Pro Barrel Racing Association 3X 1D Winner


    • ~NBHA NC01 District Open 1D Top Ten


    • ~NBHA MA02 District Open 1D Reserve High Point Champion
    • ~Massachusetts/CT NBHA Open 1D State Champion with Jack Rod Wilson(winner of both goes and average)
    • ~MA NBHA Super Show 1D Champion with Jack Rod Wilson
    • ~Colonial Nationals money earner and finalist
    • ~NBHA World Show Finalist(qualified in 2D)
    • ~NBHA World Show Qualifier


    • ~NBHA MA02 District Open 1D Reserve High Point Champion
    • ~Colonial Nationals 2D money winner(on 2 horses) and finalist
    • ~NBHA World Show Qualifier


    • ~NBHA MA02 District Open 1D High Point--4th
    • ~MA NBHA Super Show Open 1D Champion with Bo Jetta Bug
    • ~NBHA World Show Qualifier


    • ~NBHA MA02 District Open 3D High Point--3rd
    • ~NBHA World Show Qualifier


    • ~NBHA New Hampshire Open 1D State Champion
    • ~NBHA World Show Qualifierr

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