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Stout, gorgeous, easy to run gelding that runs 1D/top of 2D in tough competition. No tuning required, runs in a JD hackamore and is EASY and FUN! He can stand up on any ground. He is fun and a tough competitor and you would be glad to have him in your barn I promise. No bad habits, easy to haul, great manners, easy to warm up, trail rides... sound, sane... gorgeous... he's the real deal and if this wasn't my livelihood I'd arrange to buy him for myself. He is the kind that doesn't come along all that often--powerful, fast but truly easy to run. Not registered but he's a gelding so who cares when the proof is in the video. Video shown is him winning 4th in the 1D on a monster pattern--he will run any size pattern on any ground and be tough! Price is subject to increase as I continue to haul him and he continues to prove himself. Vet checks are welcome at buyer's expense. Here is another video. $11,000

JH Streakin Ryan

Coming 13 yo 15.2 hand flaxen sorrel gelding with roaning. Smarty is handsome, personable and sweet and is loaded with talent!!! He was started on barrels as an 11 year old by me and had 3 months on them, he then went and hung out in a pasture for the past two years due to his owners' lack of time and now he is back with me to be sold for the same reason. He is an athlete and has an awesome turn and a big motor!!!! He is super solid on the barrels and he is 1D material all day long. Loves to run some barrels and is fun and just a pleasure to ride and mess with. He will trail ride too. The video above is the first time he's ever been entered and only the second show he's attend, it's also his first night show ever and he did super. He was in the 3D and I took him through real easy, he has so much more to give and he will be running hard with a couple more shows under his belt. He is one of my most favorite horses I've ever trained to this date!!! He has spent the majority of his time in a pasture so he has by no means had his legs run off!!! Price subject to change the longer he's hauled. $7,500 Pedigree

Frenchmans Zipwood Bug

6 yo Frenchmans Guy/Bugs Alive In 75 appendix bred gelding. Registered with AAHA not AQHA. 14.3hh Quick, gritty, will be awesome for divisional or rodeo--my ground in this video is like concrete under the first two inches of dirt and you can see he has no problem with it. He's been anywhere from winning the 3D to bottom of 1D and is on the verge of getting very consistent with a little more hauling. He has tons of try and grit and loves running barrels. Great legs and feet, easy to get along with, hauls fine and is ready to hook up with someone who wants to go win. Price subject to change the longer he's hauled. $8,500 Pedigree


2008 chestnut gelding. Kid is 14.3hh and is a stout boy. He is sweet and friendly and enjoyable to work with. He trailers, bathes and ties. Super broke with a real nice handle. Loping a perfect, solid set of barrels and ready to put some speed to it. He is a great prospect to be an all around horse as well, poles, breakaway, goat-tying, heeling... would all be right up his alley! Confident when hauled, he's going to be a good one! $4,500 Pedigree

Mr Can Chaser

Just for the record, I would absolutely, without a doubt own this boy if I didn't already have my hands full with three of my own good horses that I just can't bear to part with!!! That says alot for what kind of a superstar he is! 2005 14.3 hh son of Sugar bar Honor out of Megans Moon. Barrel racing royalty runs in his blood with Jet Of Honor, Mr Eye Opener, Sugar Bars and Lady Bugs Moon all on his papers. Excellent conformation, very balanced and loaded with speed, quickness and turn! Sound, easy keeper, zero maintenance, and built to be running into his thirties! Can Chaser is well broke and light in all his aids. He knows his job on the pattern and his rider can just let him work. He has PLENTY of speed and quickness. He is solid 1D/2D in tough competition--cruising through without being pushed he is top of 2D in tough competition. He has no vices, is a pleasure to haul and be around and trail rides too. Haul him anywhere--I really think he would excel in the rodeo pen. He's done Grand Entry and nothing phases him. He's quiet and gentle with a sweet personality, if you're around him any length of time I promise you will fall in love with him!! If you ride him and run him you won't go home without him!!! If you go on youtube and search "mr can chaser" you will see oodles of video of him. He is the kind that can and will take you to the top!Update August: Can wins 10th in 2d at Colonial Nationals out of almost 800 horsesUpdate July 2: Can wins 2DUpdate June 30: Can is 5th in 1DUpdate June 25: Can wins 2nd in 2DUpdate June: Can gets 8th in the 2D at the NBHA Syracuse Super Show! Update 6/22: Can wins 2nd in the 2D at DC Western PBRA Update 5/22:Can would have won the show if I hadn't messed up and taken him into the third too tight--and we STILL got 4th in the 1D!!! Update 5/14:Can ran 4th in the 1D at DC Western PBRA in the pelting rain!Update 4/30: Can won the DC Western 2D with me making a big bobble on him at the third. He was also 4th in the 1D the following week at EZ Run Pro. $20,000 Pedigree

Honored To Beat You
aka "Tessa"

CEO x Gotta Jen
Born March 23, 2009
Gray filly


**This filly currently measures 15.1 hands at just two years old, she is now lungeing under saddle--she is very mature and definitely FUTURITY MATERIAL!!** Tessa has the conformation, speed, athleticism, grit and brains it takes to make a top barrel horse. She is backed by a world class pedigree of champion barrel horses. This filly is the real deal. Serious natural talent for barrels here.
She is a Future Fortunes foal paid in full.$4,000


15 hh sorrel registered AQHA barrel mare. Sis is 7-8 years old and is easy to run on the barrels. First video is her first time ever running in deep sand so I wasn't sending her on as much as I could have and she still clocked a decent time. I've only run her a handful of times too. Second video is someone else who has only ridden her a handful of times. She is automatic and easy on the pattern, has no bad habits, is quiet at the gate and is easy to haul. She's got a motor too! She is a Hank A Dial daughter and racebred on bottom. This girl is ready to go win a check!$6,500

Dialin Sonny Dee

7 yo finished 3D/4D barrel gelding. Trained by Valentine Farm. Sonny is a sweet, gentle boy and is as safe as the day is long. He has super smooth turns and you can push him as hard as you would like and he's not going to overrun a barrel. He will work the pattern whatever speed you want and walks in and out flat footed. Sane, sane, sane! Would be great for a kid's horse. He is capable of a lot more run with an aggressive rider. He has also shown HUS a bit and is a fabulous candidate for all around--he is extremely versatile. He's even jumped a little and really enjoys it. He would be super for 4H or the breed shows. Perfect manners, gets along great with other horses and just is a joy to be around and handle. He trail rides great and just plain handles anything you throw at him with a calm demeanor and sensibly! This is a nice, nice boy. Pedigree

BH Sugar Doc

12 year old dark bay AQHA mare. 14.3 hands, gorgeous conformation with a butt so big it takes up two zip codes! Sugar is automatic and easy on the barrels, just point and go! I ran her for the first time in exhibition this weekend and she ran a bottom of 2D time as fat and out of shape as she is! She was so much fun! Easy keeper, gets along great with other horses, hauls great and is pleasant to be around. Nicely broke with a reining foundation. She trail rides alone or with others. She is a daughter of Doc Sugs Brudder and has Doc Bar, Sugar Bars and Be Aech Enterprise on her papers! Scar/dent on her neck from a run in with fire ants several years back but it doesn't affect her. If you're looking for ready to haul, fun and easy then this is your girl!,B.$5,000

Granite Ghost

Granite Lake x Spur Up Cash

2006 First Down Dash grandson. 16.2 hand black AQHA gelding. Gentle giant, easygoing, sensible and sweet. Raced on the track a few times. I've been putting the basics on him and he is going well. Learning to move off leg, flex and bend, and has a nice "whoa" and back up. He will trail ride and go out alone, and he is an absolute gentleman. Excellent candidate for barrels, trails, HUS, and pretty much any discipline you would like to point him towards. He loves to see the countryside and is very sensible on the trails. Deuce is a grandson of First Down Dash and Project Cash, he also has Jet Deck and Mito Paint breeding. If you think he looks good in the photos you should see him in person--it is hard to take your eyes off of him! He is definitely a horse that will get you a slew of compliments! Pedigree

Hi Leslie, I just wanted to give you an update on Deuce. He is doing wonderful and I absolutely love him! I plan on taking him to his first dressage show in October. He is such a big baby, and I do mean big. I've attatched a picture where I'm standing behind him and you can't even see me. I was in a bad car accident the Monday after bringing Deuce home, so I was out of the saddle for a bit. I did alot of groundwork with him until the doctor gave the okay for riding. He loves to work. He looks forward to me coming to the barn every morning and making a fuss over him. He had his first 30 min. workout today and was marvelous. I plan in bumping him up to the full 45 min. next month. He has a new girlfreind her name is Echo. She is my moms 2 year old paint filly. He towers over her. They are totally in love. I thank you so much for selling me this gorgeous horse. -Missy

Bar Tee Sassie Girl

Bar Tee Tigger x Bar Tee CL

5 year old 14.2 hand AQHA sorrel mare. Sassie is an athlete and has just begun loping the pattern. Responsive, flexible, willing and smooth. Moves off leg nicely and has a good whoa and back up. She is built for performance with low hocks and short cannons. She has a long stride and knows how to use herself. Big motor in a small package. She has been ranch rode some and rode out through the fields. Sensible and fun on trails. She is hobble broke. She is a good girl but quick and responsive and I would suggest an intermediate rider for her right now--she may be a little too sensitive for a beginner. Her 3/4 sister is Bar Tee Im A Keeper who I trained and sold last fall. Click here to see videos of her sister on barrels--she is the first horse listed on the page.

Sassie is foundation bred-- 2X Leo, 2X King and 2X Bert. She's a great opportunity for someone who can't afford a finished horse and is willing to train their own. She has a great start on the pattern and is going to be tough when finished out. She is spunky and sweet and I've fallen in love with her! The kind of horse who will give you everything she's got and then some.

Bar Tee Im A Keeper

Bar Tee Tigger x Bar Tee Glory

5 year old 15.2 hand AQHA mare. Lizzie is hunting her barrels and knows her job. She runs right or left equally well! She is currently running in the 3D against stiff competition and this is her first season. I am not pushing her yet, I have been focusing on letting her work and make a solid run and be comfortable at any arena in any setting. She is tight on her barrels and quick in her turns. Light in her face--you don't have to pull on her to get the turn, she will come right around. She is easy to ride on the barrels, point her and go. She is reaching the stage now where she's ready to be asked for a little more speed--up until now I have made sure that she won't go past a barrel before I start asking for any run--the run doesn't do you any good if you don't have rate! You can haul her anywhere and run her anywhere, she is not bothered by sights, sounds or commotion.

This talented girl runs poles too and she's a natural on them! Hasn't had a ton of work on them but can really weave a nice pattern. She would be a super high school/junior rodeo horse--I have not doubt she would be great at breakaway roping too. She is sweet and gentle, clips, bathes, trailers, and trail rides great. She is a fun horse and is a real eye-catcher. I am currently hauling her. She is foundation bred and has Continental King and Cutter's Tommy on both her top and bottom side.

Dear Leslie, Thank you very much for having sold Lizzie to me. It's the first time I buy a horse in these conditions, Meaning: not having seen or tried her and not knowing the seller. I followed my instinct, my heart, took advice from friends and have no regrets. I'm so happy my friend saw your ad on BHW and told me about it. For the last 2 days she has been resting from the long trip. Has had a massage and been given a lot of attention. She's adorable ! Calm, affectionate and so peacefull. Today , I rode her for the first time. WOW ! She's a Cadillac with lots of schooling, very responsive, pleasant and easy to ride. I'M so VERY HAPPY of my buy and certainly I will refer you to my friends. I promise I will keep you posted of our WINS ! -Edith & Lizzie(Edith is from Quebec)

Betty Lena

Short And Final x Miss Go Dick Go Two

I am absolutely in love with this mare but I can't keep 'em all! Lena is a coming 6 year old 14 hand black AQHA mare. Rides like a dream, quiet, responsive, light in her cues. Arena work or trail riding, Lena is happy to do whatever you want. She is starting to lope the barrel pattern and is trotting the pole pattern. She has been to two shows now to see the sights and handles everything like an old pro. A 6 year old girl rode Lena in my wide open, no-fences arena and she walked/trotted/loped with her like a saint. She is a smart student--a very quick learner and very willing to please. She lunges, trailers and clips like a lady. Her conformation is impeccable, she has two striking blue eyes and is quite beautiful. Lena is just a peach as far as personality goes. She is friendly and sweet and is gentle around the other horses. No fuss or muss with Lena, she's just a good girl. She loves people and loves to be made of--not a spoiled bone in her body, this girl is an angel. As far as pedigree she boasts such greats as Shorty Lena, Doc O'Lena, King Fritz, and Go Dick Go on her papers. She also traces to Little Dick Priest, Tardy Too and Leo. Her sire, Short And Final, is the sire of NCHA, NRHA and AQHA barrel and pole point earners. Go to 2B Cutting Horses to see him. This gal can be pointed in any direction, her awesome combination of "cut" and "run" in her pedigree can certainly be used in any discipline. She would be suitable for a youth with riding experience and may even be an excellent prospect for a hunter pony, I think she would be cute as a button under huntseat tack. She is a great size for small adults as well. I am 5'4" and am very comfortable on her. I like this little mare tremendously--I believe she will make someone a heck of a partner, whether it be on the trails or in the arena. Her combination of correct conformation and fantastic bloodlines also make her an excellent broodmare prospect down the road. Pedigree

Hi Leslie, Just wanted to let you know that Heidi had her first ride on Lena tonight. I have six kids and 11 grandkids and I think about half of them had come over to meet my new horse, so I was concerned that it was too chaotic for Heidi to ride. But Lena took it all in stride, literally. She loves kids, and is particularly drawn to Heidi. They rode in a halter and my English saddle that fits Lena well. Heidi stayed focused on the tasks we gave her and Lena stayed focused on Heidi in spite of all the distractions. They look like they are going to be a wonderful partnership. Thanks again for the wonderful foundation you gave this horse. -Mary

Bar T Scout

Colnels Golden King x Bar Tee Ruby Mae

14.1 hand 5 year old bay AQHA mare. "Shorty" is running a solid pattern in exhibitions, she's hunting the barrels and quick in her turns. This mare knows her job and just needs to be seasoned--she is a good one! In the 3rd video you will see she has a slip on the first(my ground at that barrel was a mess) and she just digs in harder to get the job done. She also has a lot more to give than what you see in the videos. She is a push-type horse(something it's taking me some time to get used to!) and will not run past a barrel. She is also trotting the pole pattern and is quick, quick, quick! She is gentle and sane but very responsive and not a deadhead. She's sturdy built, she looks butt-high in the first photo but she is level from withers to croup. She trailers, bathes, trail rides and clips(great with bridle path, still ticklish with whiskers). Shorty is foundation bred and has Colonel Freckles and Continental King on her papers. This is a great prospect for high school rodeo, she is smart and would be a great candidate for goat tying as well--she has a big stop on her. This mare has impressed me with her talent on the barrel pattern and she's going to be a tough competitor. Update 2/22: Shorty ran an exhibition today(the one in the first video) that was bottom of 3D off the winning time in the open and she's got a lot more to give! Pedigree

Trot exhibition 02/22

Video of her running

<Video of arena work

This girl will get down and turn!

Win Or Lose Dial

Hank A Dial x Moores Miss Sonny

"Repo" is a 2004 AQHA Sorrel Gelding. Green broke, super conformation, super mind! Hank A Dial colts are well known for their great minds, athleticism and trainability. Currently 14.2 hands. This is a great prospect. He is athletic, intelligent and willing. I trained his full brother and he has turned out to be a fantastic barrel horse, super turny, easy to ride, and has plenty of speed. Repo has a great "whoa", sidepasses off leg, backs willingly, takes his leads nicely and is very balanced and sure of where his feet are. He is now trotting the pole pattern and he sidepasses through them effortlessly! Price will increase with training.Pedigree

Hi Sunny Bo !!My name is Joann who bought Win or Loose Dial / Repo through the help of my brother in law Kevin. I changed his barn name to Sam and let me tell you he is such a sweetheart!! Everything you described he is!! We took to each other from the begining and I love him!! I look forward to many years together training and showing my big boy off!! Thank you so much and look forward to meeting you soon. -Joann

Ms Sugar Cash

Poco Sugar Frost x Wakeup Heather

Athletic, intelligent and beautiful 2006 AQHA filly. "Pistol" is the ultimate combination of cow and speed and boast such greats as Drop Of Frost, Doc's Jack Frost, Dash For Cash and Go Man Go on her papers. She has some serious "quick" speed that will get you between the barrels fast and she uses herself very well. She is a friendly, confident girl who is going to have the right attitude to excel in barrels or whatever event you point her towards. Pistol will be 2 in June and I expect her to mature at about 15 hands. I will be starting this filly on some light round pen work and introducing her to the saddle and bridle soon. This filly is my pick for a "keeper" but I already have a barn full of those so she is offered for sale. Pedigree

KRA My Kinda Dude

The All Star X Kyloe Minky

Coming 4 yo, 15 hand dark brown ApHC registered gelding. Dude is an easy going, easy to ride kind of guy. He knows all his basics under saddle--walk, trot, lope, whoa and back up. He is friendly and really enjoys working with people. He rides great in the arena or on the trail. He gets along well with other horses and is an easy keeper. Clips, trailers, ties, crossties... he's just an all-around good boy. He has the potential to do well in any discipline whether it be trail riding, huntseat, western pleasure or whatever your choosing. He has a scar on his LH fetlock but it is a cosmetic blemish only--he is sound and healthy and looking for a riding partner!

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